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Wet Pipe Fire Sprinklers

The most popular fire sprinklers in the world because they’re dependable, effective, and affordable.


Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protect what you value most with home fire sprinklers. Helps you lower insurance, raise property value, and stay alive.


Underground Fire Lines

We dig, repair, inspect, and install underground pipe for fire service mains, FDC, DCDA, hydrants, risers, pumps


Fire Sprinkler System Repair

Fire sprinkler repair and maintenance for systems and parts. We fix and replace pipes, sprinkler heads, fittings, valves, gauges, and all other components.


Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Inspections, testing, and certification for fire sprinkler systems. Quarterly, biannual, yearly, 5 year fire sprinkler inspections.


Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems are useful for walk-in freezers, certain industrial settings, or in places with cold winters.


Pre-Action Fire Sprinklers

Pre-action greatly reduces accidental sprinkler discharge by using multiple independent fire detection tools.


Deluge Fire Sprinklers

When one sprinkler head turns on, they all turn on in a heavy downpour of water.


Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher installation and sales, offering every class of personal or portable fire extinguisher.


Chemical Fire Suppression

Licensed vendor of HOCHIKI fire suppressants, including chemical powders, foams, mists, and gasses.


Alarms, Detectors, Sensors

Smoke, heat, fire, and other sensors, plus signals, alarms, monitoring & detection systems, and control panels.